Launching Remix the City has been a great adventure so far.   The first two workshops have been a resounding success with the kids and we couldn’t be happier with the results.  The “Mix” above, “a cool trip” is just one example of the creativity that kids are showing to tell their stories using our app.

There are a lot more workshops planned over the next 3 months so if you are in Toronto be sure to check our calendar and register your kids ages 10-17.

If you are wondering how come only Toronto gets to experience Remix the City, then I’m going to ask you to help us get to London, UK so we can share this experience with mentors from all over the world at the Mozilla Festival.   If we do, we’ll make sure to pass on all the materials needed to run a workshop to as many people as we can so they can teach kids everywhere.   Vote for our session at the Mozilla Festival.



Summer Solstice, the First Day of Summer, is tonight at 10:04 PST.

Coincidentally, it’ll be followed by the year’s largest supermoon. “In the early hours of Sunday, June 23, the moon will officially reach its full phase and will be the closest to Earth that it will be all year.”

Poland celebrates by releasing thousands of beautiful lanterns (video). You can check out how other countries celebrate, or just make up your own ritual.

Happy Midsummer’s dream, you dreamers.



We’re getting ready to launch Videogami, our most exciting project to date.  If you are familiar with our workshops, you know how much kids love to MAKE things and how efficient this experience is to TEACH them real skills.  Videogami is our attempt to bring this kind of learning experience to every home, by providing a tool that kids can use to teach themselves real skills, the kind that will get them ahead in our increasingly complex and technology-driven world. 

The video was shot during a live workshop.  All the interactions between the kids, the materials in front of them and our iPad app are real and taken during the workshop while they worked for two hours to learn how to build our Magic Cubes, and learn about what we adults call Theory of Computation.



Here is a little behind-the-scenes from the Magic Cubes workshop we did this past weekend.  If you or someone you know is interested in running technology workshops for kids in your city, contact us!

Big idea:   kids learn by making, and making happens in fabrication spaces that are wired to enable the exploration of a broad range of concrete skills that will make them well-versed in the technologies that surround them.   This.  This is why I’m committed to explore all possibilities with this project.   



Folded Paper Sculptures by Matt Shlian

Incredible art pieces crafted out of paper by self-entitled “paper engineer” Matt Shlian.

“The magic of Shlian’s paper sculptures is as much in the finished result as in the process; every snip and fold is a meditation of sorts, paying reverance to the material, its kinetic energy, and its infinite potential.”



Could These Crazy Intersections Make Us Safer?

Everybody knows, that four-way intersections are dangerous. So, what are the alternatives? Head over to The Atlantic Cities Blog to see some interesting proposals for alternative intersections.

“Geometry tells us that the traditional four-way intersection is inherently dangerous. When you plot all of the potential points of conflict on a diagram – and transportation engineers actually do this – it turns out that vehicles have 32 distinct opportunities to collide into one another at the nexus of two two-lane roadways. Cars can crash into each other while merging or diverging from a given lane. Then the worst action happens right in the middle of the interchange, at that perilous point where vehicles turn left across oncoming traffic. […] Engineers concocted some much more intricate intersection designs – and in a few cases actually built them – to improve road safety, save states money and generally stall the inevitable expansion of highways.

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This type of intersection has been in place in Mexico City for a few years.  Here is one particularly complex intersection (google map):  http://goo.gl/maps/ev2WW